Online Banking

You must be an existing customer and have an established account with Oconee Federal to enroll in Online Banking. To log on to Online Banking enter your Access ID in the Online Banking “box” on our homepage. To sign up for Online Banking, click the “First Time User” link and complete the enrollment information. For more information, please see the “Online Banking Sign up Instructions” section below.

Online Banking will allow you to-

  • View information, balance and history of your accounts
  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Make payments from checking or savings to your Oconee Federal loan account


Also, once enrolled in Online Banking, you will have the option to use BillPay. With this additional service you will be able to manage and pay bills from your Oconee Federal checking account to other companies and individuals.

Online Banking and BillPay Fees

Oconee Federal offers the benefits and convenience of the Online Banking service at no monthly charge.

There is no fee for BillPay for first three (3) months. Thereafter, you must have at least three (3) scheduled bill payments per month or you will be charged $5.00 per month for each month in which you do not meet this minimum.

Safe and Secure

Oconee Federal works hard to secure online banking services so that you, our customer, have the confidence that your information is being protected.

A multifactor authentication method is used to recognize you as an authorized user by verifying multiple identifying details.  This method provides a high level of protection against fraudulent attacks such as phishing, spoofing, key logging, and identity theft.  All users will be required to select challenge questions and answers, select a unique image, and create a personal description for the image that is known to you alone.  Each time you log in, the selected image will appear, verifying that you truly are on Oconee Federal’s website before entering your password.

Another level of security is the authentication of your computer.  We have the ability to recognize the computer or computers from which you usually log on.  If our system detects a suspicious login due to an unfamiliar computer, it will automatically present you with challenge questions that you previously selected.
Online Banking Sign up Instructions

  1. Complete the First Time User Information.
    • SSN or Business TIN is 9 digits only, without dashes or spaces.
    • Checking or Savings Account Number is 10 digits, including any leading zeros.
    • First and Last Names are optional, but may help us if there is a problem. Do not use abbreviations.
    • E-Mail Address should be where you want us to send any banking related messages.
    • Zip Code should be the zip code associated with your account mailing address.
    • Security Question is to help us verify who you are should you forget your password and need to call us. In order to re-activate your access to the service, we would identify you by asking this question and matching your answer with the one you enter to complete this form. You can choose any question you wish, but make sure it is easy for you to remember and difficult for others to guess. For example, "What is your father's middle name?"
    • Security Question Answer is the answer to your security question.
  1. Submit the form.
    • If an error message is returned, click on the back button under the message to return to the form. Review the information you entered, correct any errors and resubmit.
    • If you need assistance, print or write down the specific wording of the error and call (864) 882-2765.
  1. Change your Access ID and Password on the next screen after the form is accepted.
    • Access ID must be 6 - 19 characters of any combination of letters, numbers or special characters. You may keep your SSN as your ID if you prefer; simply re-enter it in the ID box.
    • Passwords must be 8 - 17 characters and a combination of numbers and letters containing at least one alpha and one numeric character.
    • Access ID and Password are CaSe SensiTive! Remember how you entered them here for future logins.
  1. Submit the Access ID and Password changes to review your account list on the next screen. You should now be ready to bank online.

Note: Please remember to always keep your password private to ensure the security of your accounts. We encourage you to change it periodically.